Learn the secret to reprogram your brain and awake your subconscious, let it changes how you see, feel, think and interact with the world people and the love ones around you.
Empowering your brain to bring the best in you.

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What We Service

Life Coach Sydney, Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Many people think they do not need counselors or coaches.
Do you think we know everything we should to make our life easy and happy?

Woman Children & Teen Emotional Intelligence

Woman Children & Teen Emotional Intelligence

Neuro-Mind coaching is intended to assist women, teen and children to achieve their lifestyle and relationship’s dream goal.
We specialize in helping women to manage with any negative environment and make it better.

Relationship Improvement, Break Up - Divorce Recovery

Relationship Improvement, Break Up - Divorce Recovery

Hypnosis technique pass s a good suggesting message to your Nauru-system or nervous system when your brain is being so relax and empty.

Complementary Therapy, Energy Healing Sydney, Holistic Health Coaching

Complementary HealthCare – Holistic Health Coaching

Our body listen to our brain. If your mind and brain is under control, they release happy chemical. In opposite, if your mind is out of control, your brain release toxic chemical to your body.

Pre-Natal , Post-Natal and Parenting Support

Pre-Natal , Post-Natal and Parenting Support

Positive moms give birth to positive kids. It is everyone's wish to see the baby born in happy mood and good health. Do you know how? This is easy and you have a control over it.

NLP Training, Hypnotherapists Sydney, Australia, Cancer Management

Neuro-Mind Coaching helps People and Children improving Health, learning and Emotional Difficulties. We also teach and produce NLP and Others Complementary Techniques Practitioners to serve people worldwide

Your Health and Behavioural solutions for: Personality, Behaviour, Career, Relationship, Family, Health, Children Learning Difficulties.

Support you to build confidence in managing any negative emotions: Grief & Loss, Break Up, Divorce, Anger, Anxiety or Panic Attack and Addiction.

Holistic but Powerful methods used all the way of processes. Our comprehensive counselling and therapy programs combines various of powerful techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programmining, Hypnosis, Energy Medicine, Timeline Therapy Technics, Brainwave Techniques, Holistic Counselling.

The clients are assessed on the first day and get the unique program constructed.

"We are mindful of your need and we ensure that our level skill and knowledge of coaching and therapy is able to bring you to have the life you desire".

By Rayya N. Teacher / Counsellor /Coach for Human Minds and Behaviour to gain excellence and Happiness.

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